Lost moments of hapiness


I’m standing in my bedroom alone, right after a day’s work, watching out the window. For no specific reason, all of a sudden I’m conscious how wonderful it is to be alive. I stand there, tickling, an excellent rejuvenating breath sweeping through me, my body light and alive with pulsing energy, poised where tears and laughter satisfy, feeling enthusiastic, deeply appreciative of whatever in my awareness, all of it charged with some unmentioned significance, and in some way I know I may return to this crossroads at any time.Lost moments of hapiness

I got interested in what typical points underlie the peak-experiences or happiest moments I remember best. I noted twelve or thirteen moments and went to work and to have fun with them. A couple of styles arose… Being open to surprises – even in the day-to-day routine, events and looks that make today special. Being clear about what you want, going for it, delighting in the going. Keeping some appreciation for whatever gets in the way, that it too has a helpful or positive function or objective. There’s a type of ecology to all of it, and constantly something to discover. Aiming for happiness, or not aiming, in any case. Simply remember that you aren’t able to be pleased right now unless you immediately for one moment think of turtles.

Sometimes I pick up a moment and look at the sky – still the inmost blue, yet with no stars – and feel a kind of triumph: not that I’ve gotten away London, not that I’ve endured few more hours on the telephone, not that I live in a place where I understand no one and no one knows me – but that the sky and I still endure, after a million years.

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